Switch + Circuit + Eye = iSwitch

For this assignment, I made a simple circuit powered by Arduino.
In terms of a switch, I decided to use my eyes. So, I named it as iSwitch.

The idea was that when I close my eyes, the switch gets closer and makes the light turn on.


Making iSwitch & Circuit
There seemed to be no problem using a set of common wire. However, I found 3 lines of conductive thread and decided to use it, because it would be more fashionable than the wire.
I cut the middle conductive thread and then attached two pieces of aluminum foil by folding into two conductive threads


The conductive thread was too short to wire, so I soldered the common wire and conductive threads. Arduino, a 3.3v LED and 200 Resistor were used for a simple circuit.


Attaching & Testing
Next, I attached two-sided tape below the switch and sticked to my eye.img_6553


Because of my skin, I found it hard to fix the switch on my eyes. Anyway, it worked.

Even though this assignment is not aiming for high-quality fabrication, I was just unsatisfied with the results since my idea works correctly but there was no appreciation. However, if I have a chance to develop this work, I really hope to create a new eye by attaching tiny LEDs on the iSwitch and with nice fabrication work.

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  1. Nice idea! For an application of this, see this video of Andrew Schneider, skip to about 2:15 in the video for the BlinkCam: http://andrewjs.com/work/experimental-devices-for-performance/

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