Pick a piece of interactive technology in public, used by multiple people. Write down your assumptions as to how it’s used, and describe the context in which it’s being used. Watch people use it, preferably without them knowing they’re being observed. Take notes on how they use it, what they do differently, what appear to be the difficulties, what appear to be the easiest parts. Record what takes the longest, what takes the least amount of time, and how long the whole transaction takes. Consider how the readings from Norman and Crawford reflect on what you see.

Subject : LinkNYC(Beta)
LinkNYC is a public media structure that will replace over 7,500 payphones across the five boroughs in NYC. Each Link can be used to access free Wi-Fi, free domestic phone calls, charge USB devices, and browse the internet.

img_6648  img_6630

The structure has two big screens which are not interactive and an interactive interface with android OS and several buttons between two screens.


Actually, there were not many people using it, I could observe 4 people in an hour.

The first man I observed used a free call service. He used this about 5 minutes. Since many people are familiar with using the Android OS so it seemed not to be difficult, but the problem was the height of the interface; the man was tall so that his posture seemed to be very uncomfortable. There was a hole for earphone jack but he attached his ear to the built-in speaker.


The second man used his mobile phone charged. But he just used 2 minutes and went away. The structure said it’s super fast but it seemed not to be. Also, the man with blue shirts stayed about 20 minutes near the structure, but I could not know either he is using free Wi-Fi or not.


The last man I saw used the longest time; he was using a video call with recharging his phone. He spent more than 20minutes, but the difficulty was that there was no space that he can put his bag or sit on. So he seemed to be uncomfortable as well.


Putting USB seemed to be easy.  img_6637 img_6627

So, the whole transaction time depended on the purpose of users. I think it is a bit weird that the main interface was not mainly seen of the whole structure. And almost all people used their mobile phones and extra batteries, firstly it seemed to be a waste of money. However, undoubtedly it was needed for someone who is in an urgent situation as it is absolutely free.

Plus, using it in Winter seems to be another major issue.