When Katie and I met for our collaboration, Katie showed me an image pattern and we decided to make a basic feature that will be the key pattern.


Firstly we made this feature together. It was really good feather since it seemed not only a flower but also a star. After a few tries, we decided to work separately developing individual’s style.


Katie wanted to make a whole screen saver based on the feature, and I wanted to create a fractal effect. So I used a key trick; make them move with lines, not ellipses.

I got this image using the basic feature, but it was too irregular so looked a bit confusing. I had to make it more simply.


The key was push(), pop(), and rotate() function which I used in the former project; It made my work more definite and clear.

After getting the basic pattern of fractal, I created three sliders that can control the application’s key features.
– 1st : number of lines / opacity
– 2nd : the length of each line
– 3rd : the radius ( distances between basic elements)

I’ve never thought that I could do this work this time. All of the achievement was possible thanks to Katie’s initial approach and co-work. Even though we did not integrate two projects, we learned a lot from each other. However, I tried to load a sound file in p5.js but I failed in this assignment. I think I correctly followed the instruction and installed the library, but there maybe something I missed.


P5.js – Fractal from Cromean on Vimeo.