“Tell me a secret. And I will tell you one back.”

‘Box Anonymous’ is an interactive installation which stores someone’s secret and gives someone else’s secret.

Team Members and Roles

  • Yunho Choi – Visual Programming,  Fabrication
  • Jaycee Hermida Holmes – Physical Computing, Fabrication

Goals of the Project

  • Trying new kinds of technology beyond the basic physical computing technology
  • Make things exhibited to the public : Internet Yami-ich

Technical Features

  • Visual : p5.js (for visual programming) / p5.speech (for voice recognition)
  • Physical Computing : Arduino UNO, 3 Push buttons with LED, Thermal printer from Adafuit, USB Microphone


Making Process

SPEECH (Voice Recognition)

We started by wanting to understand the speech recognition process. A conversation with resident, Matt, and ITPer, Chino, pointed us in the direction of the p5 Web Speech library.img_7939




Three buttons were used in the machine.
Button One: Record
Button Two: Delete
Button Three: Print

The trick was to make sure that the button actions were only called once and in the right order.
[Only print once, and only if the recording input was not deleted]



The Adafruit Mini Thermal Receipt Printer, although connected to an external power source, that is is easily compatible with the Arduino Micro-controller.


Visual Programming



Arduino Code : Github

People’s participation at Internet Yami-ichi

The people who participated in this project really enjoyed and surprisingly they said their real of real secrets. We partially thought people might be skeptical sharing their secrets, but they seemed to be extraordinarily happy to get other’s secrets since nobody knew what was their secrets.
screenshot-2016-11-11-16-17-25 screenshot-2016-11-11-16-18-17 screenshot-2016-11-11-16-18-54

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