Goals of this Project

  • Envision a piece of music and then symbolically represent it.
  • Should be materialized as a visual program.

Idea & Inspiration

# Growing Tree

My initial thought was re-thinking about me. I mapped and categorized all things that were highly important or related to me. Once the things were drawn on the paper, I realized it looks like a tree, and it seemed to be interesting if the stems and leaves of the tree could make music. My instructor Luke also has said plants have similar structures with music at his TED talk. The growth of stems could be music sequence, berries and leaves could be musical instruments. However, it seemed not to be a music score itself because each element has some limit of expression.

+ Spiral

Followed by the thought of the tree, I decided to simplify the elements. The berry is an instrument and it can orbit. The rotation can be substituted with an instrument: when it orbit to right, the pitch goes up and vice versa with some tilting. Volume influences to the height in an instant. With the growth (which means music playing) of the element, it shows the trace of its trajectory when it sounds something. The radius represents the bandwidth of the instrument. For instance, large elements can be bass or kick of drum. Thin elements can be string instruments, hi-hat and so forth.

+ Comet

In addition to this thought, I finally imagined a flight of comet. Also, I realized the solar system move with spiral via Youtube.

For simulating these ideas, I used Google Sketchup and arranged by way of experiment. As s result, I got this result:

  • blue rings: pitch & volume
  • berries: instruments
  • curved lines: the trace of sound

It looks like a space fish!

parallel view

front view


Another idea has suddenly lingered on: can I re-arrange and give vitality to Wassily Kandinsky’s Composition VIII?

I find it really interesting to tie my score up with this art piece, with a bit care.

using p5.js and tone.js, I did a simple score sketch.

Web Page

Source Code