Recently I created an object titled Squared, a series of wooden sculpture which explores the new perspective of the natural object, inspired by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung’s word ‘Nature must not win the game, but she cannot lose’. This was really similar to my life. I never won the game by myself and I could do nothing without other’s help but ultimately I’ve never lost and still alive in this fast-changing digital media field. When I showed this work to my peers, they said it looked like stone, not wood. Then I strongly felt the strength of something like the natural object or human power can be expressed through breaking its typical usage or shape and reforming to totally new stuff.

So as the next step of the same series of work, I would like to have an opposite approach: expressing natural tenaciousness using artificial materials. The subject can be trees or fishes, and the material can be electronic board.

So here is the description:

  • Project Title: Tenacious Creature
  • Tenacious Creature is a virtual living creature that depicts the wonder of nature, consisted of artificial and digital materials.

Basically, It will be the combination project between Homemade Hardware and Nature of Code class and also connected organically with Interactive Music class. The left part is a circuit board and mainly consists of Atmega328, Bluetooth module, a speaker, microphone, and some LEDs and buttons. Each part serves interactive functions so that generates graphic object to the screen. Sound can be implemented to this project and both of implementing into the circuit board and using screen or iPad is possible. Since both parts could operate with batteries, so there’s no power needed.

Below is my first sketch about living creature. The underlying thought of this is here.

Also, I got inspiration from Japanese Artist Yuri Suzuki’s tube map radio, a PCB artwork with beautiful design and function.

The first sketch I did was spiraling lines. It looked pretty static and I had to give variation to these lines in order to be more organic.

The variables I created were amplitude, length, and thickness. It has become a bit organic, and also looked like jumping whales! I got an unexpected result.

(Source Code)

But the initial one was too abstract and each object wasn’t seen as a same creature or sort. I delicately modified the main algorithm by adding noise, alpha, radius, and etc. Like nature or human beings, I really wanted to express a group of virtual creatures which has not only same properties but also different characters and attributes.

Next stage was creating virtual world for these creatures. Using same sort of sine wave, I created a wave that forms layers with the creatures and also can be seen differently with blend modes.

Source Code is available at Github