Approach 1. Intuitive Thinking

 – Thinking about tenaciousness 

When I look back my life of history, I was pretty tenacious. Even though my family had no money to educate me, I could learn the art as free with a big fortune and entered one of the best art school in South Korea. But higher education didn’t go according to my plan and I had to struggle with a big student loan for a long time. Also, my design ability was worse than other students so I can’t help to find peculiar things that can make me special. That was physical computing and interactive media art. I could specialize myself in my university and it provided me lots of works and chances from the only the reason that I started to explore this field than any other students in my school.

However, during five years, I worked extremely hard but the salary was relatively worse than I was expecting. This made my very skeptical of keep working in this inadequate environment. Nevertheless, I could participate many big and meaningful projects and some of the projects were awarded globally and my such broad experiences from client-based to government-funded projects eventually made me achieving the full scholarship of my graduate study at NYU. But the things was I still have no money to put with my bigger projects and I feel software based project using only coding is not my business. Also, I’m still confused about the way I should go and I could not answer these questions to myself;

  • Am I artist or designer or producer?
  • Do I have creativity?
  • What’s my life long subject as an artist?
  • What’s the real thing I can do the best and I like the most? thinking, fabrication, visual design, hardware, cooperation?
  • How could I make money with art?

While I’m still looking for these answer, I just came up with the fact that I am super tenacious. This should be one of my absolutely special characters. So, I decided to develop with this feature for my new personal project.


Approach 1. Systemic Thinking

 – Between Abstraction & Realism

 – Between Art & Design & Technology

 – Between Intuition & Data

Starting on a new project, I hope to question myself: ‘Is it meaningful?‘ or ‘How can I make the world better?‘ I want to utilize big data and information technology in order to make my projects more alive and trustworthy. However, I cannot ignore other aspects such as art, intuition, and abstraction because they have the power to touch and move people’s mind, lives, and ultimately the world. So how can I mix all of these properly and create a meaningful project?

In this semester, I decided to start on a music technology project that has a beautiful and natural expression. With those previous questions in mind, it is not easy to answer why music technology is meaningful or why it can make the world better. Perhaps it can be used for teaching people music theory or for helping those who are unable to hear or just expressing my personal story.

Let’ think about music in more step. A piece of music can be recognized not only as a piece of art but also as a set of data of chords and notes. I would like to find a way to present existing music more beautifully and educationally, while also being able to visualize music with abstract expression. However, it is not clear to me which goal is more meaningful until I start my project and get feedback, so I will for now work towards both of them by turns.

Here I can find the intersection between my final project of Nature of Code & midterm of Interactive Music through the 1st approach: how music can be seen as a systemically and visually implemented thing.

Project Name: Flying Fish

Flying Fish is a web-based dynamic score which illustrates a piece of digital music through interactive graphic objects, especially inspired by fish and time.

Score is generally used for reading and playing music only for those who play music but in this project, this peculiar score is used as the trace that the music has left. Also, it becomes a fish, a living creature. The reason I choose fishes as the medium and each usage are as follows:

Project Metaphor 1: Fish

  • Fishes are beautiful.
  • Fishes move dynamically.
  • Fishes’ movement is hard to predict.
  • Fishes school and scatter.

Project Metaphor 2: Time

We are going somewhere throughout our lives with time. Time goes from where to somewhere, but it rotates as well, such as day and night and seasons.