Digital Landscape – realistic unreality

Ironically, New York City has become my first city where I live alone throughout my life. While I’ve never thought such a thing is happening in my life, I also strongly feel that I am more likely to move to another city within few years for several reasons like family or VISA. In this regard, I started to think this city as a space station. It means that whatever I learn and experience here, it will take me another new stage which could be very different with before. Likewise, a spaceship(or even a plane, race car) usually stop by a station and get some fuel or replace some parts for the next stage. Since every station does not take large amount of time throughout my life and does pretty different things compared to the normal life, I can say the life in any station is quite unrealistic. Nevertheless, it’s undoubtedly a real part of my life.

So, I decided to express this mixed life status as a art piece with digital landscape concept. Now I’m living near Central Park and love the landscape which consists of skyscraper and lake the most.

The skyscraper’s is reflected on the lake. Interestingly,  ISS has similar visual structure; based on the horizontal structure,

In order to depict realistic unreality, I will arrange the PCB and screen object vertically.

On PCB, I am going to include these things:

  • Bluetooth Module – nRF51822
  • Photocell
  • LED – SMD type for architectural light, typical type for the Sun or Moon
  • Arduino (ATMega 328) – buildings
  • Routes – Skyscraper


(Eagle Design will be updated soon)


Yuri Suzuki’s work inspired me doing this work.




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  1. clear how to

    – control led matrix?

    – to add: power switch

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