I selected Tilt Brush for this assignment, since it as the first VR trial for me. I also tried Quill but I failed to draw in details and Google Block and Medium seemed to optimized to making shapes more than creating space. The text I’ve got was describing not only pretty specific objects and atmosphere of the space but also abstract thing. Plus, the writer also told me that the space looked like a church. Then I recalled the various light scheme of stained glass and drew the wall with rainbow line. I added static and rising particle for adding mysterious and religious feeling. Windows, digital screen, chair, lamps and pillars were added to materialize the text.


here is the text my partner wrote:

I visit The Museum at Eldridge Street today for an assignment. It was a really surreal experience. The museum located at the center of Chinatown, when I get off the car I was lost for a minute. When I enter the museum I was shocked to see all the gorgeous interior. All the glasses, the lighting, the furniture pull me straight from the street where it was located, I almost feel that I walked into a portal. I was such a magical experience, and when I left the museum, even though I have something in mind prepared, but it still feels unreal that I was in Chinatown again. At the end of the day trip I end up buying a delicious char-siew rice for only 7 dollars. Such a nice day.

The presence experience I created with Hazel is a webVR experience using simple Aframe. We add on the whispering sound effect to the experience and created an interesting effect we did not expected.

Since the scene we created is a snowing dessert at sunset, and the whispering content is a female voice talking about daily issues like the color of lipstick, hair style etc, which makes the user feels longly and scared, they described they feel like they are ” inside the head of a psychopath ” which make them feel unsafe.