• you will re-create a space you have imagined from a story, book, or dream, or a place you remember from your past. The focus here should be on translating the way you imagined or remembered it into the environment, but more importantly giving a sense of what you (or the character) experienced in that space at a certain moment.
    • This week, simply used 3d primitive shapes (cubes, spheres, etc.) to block the space (This might be painful, but if you’re new to 3d you will be glad you did it!). Focus on scale, color, lighting, sound, and layout to convey the feeling of that space. Be mindful about where you place your player. Take Screenshots and post them on the class blog!


Recently I had a scary dream; I was alone in the broken apartment which was floating on the sea and the city in the dream was being destroyed by unknown disaster. Using remains of the buildings were also floating on the sea, I swum ashore with my desperate effort and tried to find my family but it was useless.


In the world of the most famous Japanese animation Gundam series, there is a artificial planet called Space Colony – I’ve been always inspired by its futuristic and elegant design. Its entire shape is a cylinder and the landscape is curved according to its geometry.

Image result for gundam colonyImage result for gundam colony

Thus I wanted to combine two situation to this assignment.