I want to introduce a new Chrome extension called “Extensia”

Today, many new kinds of voice assistant products are being introduced into our society with both a software and a hardware version. And all of them are becoming unbelievably smart with state-of-the-art technology.

However, how many people are using these products in their everyday lives? Does anyone find themselves using this technology today?
For me, I bought Amazon’s Echo dot but I only use this for setting alarm and asking some news and weather. And more importantly, I’ve never seen people using any these technology in New York City! This is really weird, right?

Before I show you the specifics of my extension, I wanna go into this in more detail.  In our everyday life, we are using our laptops and mobile devices. We are using search engines constantly looking for answers or solutions, as well as social network services. But when we are using voice assistant, we are moving away from typing our questions onto the internet. It makes our lives easier to take our hands off the keyboard and use our voices, but on the other hand, it still has some problems:

First, In terms of voice to text, many times it is not exact. Also, I have to say that the results the applications give us are pretty unsatisfying. This means voice assistant is not as applicable compared to typing the words out so that we can make sure that they come out as we want it. While I was in the middle of a conversation with Younho Lee when I started to think: What if a new chrome extension can recognize the words we are typing into the browser and gives us some unexpected results using that keyword? How would it look like?

So I created ‘Extensia’.

The key thing of the extension is that it unconsciously talks to us. When we are thinking about friends, they are not waiting for us until we ask a question. They are just intercepting what we are talking about and gives us something different or something we don’t expect. I wanted to put this feature in chrome as an extension. 

The possibility and feedback I wanted to give bask were as below;

  • Are you feeling a positive or negative feeling?
  • Voice recognition/selection is needed?
    – e.g.) Do you want to see the page that I suggest? -> Yes or No
    – gives the right to choice / just one more depth
  • Will A.I. be helpful/harmful?
    – collect and create my own data set based on typing keywords
    – open pages what I have interest and can surprise me using machine learning