I wanted to categorize the principle of our world and re-interpret by myself. Starting to think about the world of dimension, I enlarged my system as below. Using Random.range function constantly in order to depict the population of dots, line(laser) and sides(human) in the whole scenes, I also created a flying camera into the main world and added scene change function to the planets since I didn’t wanted any disconnected scene transformation experience.

1D : dot – universe – the biggest

2D : line – city – medium

3D : side – human – the smallest

# Tech Tips

1. Chasing characters

This video describes how to create basic artificial intelligence for a non-player character.

2. Flying Camera
transform.position += Camera.main.transform.forward * 10.0f * Time.deltaTime;

Using this one sentence of code makes you flying in the scene.

3. Apply Nature of Code!

Applying generative and programmed arts in VR is super fun. I mainly used random this project but it should be more on my next project! the function Instantiate allows you to create a bunch of clones of any game objects.

I got my peer Mint’s feedback below:

1D – Dot – Universe – The Biggest

I really love your neat trick of flying of the camera because I do love the feeling of weightlessness! The simple sphere shapes along with their colors (black and white) helped me understood that there must be something interesting in the other 2 colored spheres where the other 2 scenes are at. In addition, the sound was very soothing and I felt very calm as though I’m meditating and somehow made me feel that if I concentrate hard enough I’ll move the faster.

2D – Line – City – Medium
The compositions of many diffused illuminated frozen lines floating in space are visually interesting. Also, because they are static, they encouraged me to look around and it is when I found a group of giant diamonds slowly falling on top of me.

But I feel like the low poly trees and landscape are out of place. Having only the light beams in this scene might convey stronger visual composition? I guess “Less is more” in this case.

There is definitely going to happen at the end when the diamonds finally hit me – trigger to the next scene – but instead, it brought me back to the first scene (Dot – Universe). Personally, if the crash landing of the diamonds takes me to the next scene might make the flow of your three scenes more continuous?

3D – side – human – the smallest
This scene was fun, interesting, and frightening at the same time! I remembered I closed my eyes in the VR headset when the animated 3D characters were about to crash into me. I would love to have a bat or any sort of weapon to protect myself. I don’t I usually never have problems when strangers or people invading my personal space but I feel very uncomfortable in this scene and I think the reason to this was because the 3D characters are not going stop running towards me unless I take the headset off or just get comfy with it. But for people, at one point there will be a mutual understanding, an awkward interaction that its super awkward and its time for you or me to step back.

Final Result: