My main theme of artwork is suggesting new ways of communication and creating a digital and natural environment using immersive and interactive technology.

Communication between people and nature is one of the prominent factors that I consider. There are a variety of emotions that are shared between people’s conversation or included in literature or songs. Through my artworks, I try to let people re-discover their relationship by reinterpreting the communication into generative graphics.

The second interesting view of my work is how to express the nature using technology in my own way. It is obvious that technology stands on the other side of nature since many of this state-of-the-art technology is forming our environment more uniformly and less beautiful. To narrow this gap and disparity, I used to utilize the property of generative visual which is organic and unpredictable. Tenacious Creaturethe World of Dot and Dichroic Henge are my previous digital artworks which are focused on the abstraction of particular natural phenomena, depicted with different platforms and these used to provoke people to feel strong visceral reactions.

Singing with the Wind is an attempt on an impromptu musical performance between human and nature and I transformed the humming sound as a generative path of the virtual wind, as well as a fabric screen moved by a number of small fans.

I strongly want to people to feel not only marvelous but restful atmosphere through my artworks, even though these two are pretty different aspects. Like the moment of running into a magnificent landscape during travel, I hope that my artworks can invite people to have a splendid journey.