Updated Statement

My thesis goal is building an immersive environment that uses light and reflection to give calmness to the stressed people in New York City. Audiences can see floating and superimposed geometric light paths in a dark room and the entire shape will look like a mixture of cloud, rain and a candle.

Group Feedback

Throughout today’s meeting with Stefani, Nikita and an additional group discussion with five itpers, I got these feedbacks.

  • Nanou: I probably need to consider the perception of time; what if the cloud-like light is deformed?
  • Chloe: Need to find the relationship between indoor and outdoor space environment. For instance, the Museum at Eldridge Street made her feel totally strange feeling that this kind of place was located in Manhattan.
  • Stefani and Nikita: Starting with low expectation, achieve great work! Consider incandescent light

Next Step

  • Getting feedback on the same idea from experts: Tom Igoe and Andrew Razarow
  • Field trip: Canal Lighting, Anthony McCall’s Solid Light Works
  • Presentation Slide: idea develop and articulation, research, and sketch