Category: FALL 2017

Week 4. Tech & Story dev.

Concept Development Tech test with Openframeworks Socket i/o : basic color change Particle to Text Numerous Particles : stable up to 10000 particles

Week 3 : Storygraph Analysis

Analysis 1 – Dongchan, Yunho Selected Trailer : Voyage of Time Analysis sheet – link Story Simulation – video link 2. Analysis 2 – Younho, Dale Selected Trailer…

WEEK 3 Re-creating a space: A Destroyed Space Colony

you will re-create a space you have imagined from a story, book, or dream, or a place you remember from your past. The focus here should be on…

Week 2 Drawing Space

I selected Tilt Brush for this assignment, since it as the first VR trial for me. I also tried Quill but I failed to draw in details and…

Week 2 : 100 images Test

100 images link